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Do you dream of making a career out of your passion? If you’re a mountain enthusiast, one way you  can make that dream come true is to train as a state-certified mountain guide. Deuter teamed up with its long-standing partner the VDBS (German Association of Mountain and Ski Guides), to follow two aspirant mountain guides throughout their training. The subsequent film, BECOMING A GUIDE, introduces us to the two protagonists, Finn and Bianca, and also features interviews with well-known mountain guides such as Hanspeter Eisendle, Neil Brodie and Lisi Steurer, who share their insight into the world of guiding.


In a series of short webisodes we are given a deeper insight into the life of a mountain guide, look at the history of mountain guiding and at how the job of a mountain guide has changed over the years.

Webisode #4: „Guiding lights” | 01.06.2020

How did the occupation of mountain guide take shape? Who led the first tourists and scientists into the mountains in the early days? Guiding Lights, the 4th webisode from the BECOMING A GUIDE series looks at how the challenging career of mountain guiding has evolved over the years.

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Webisode #3: „Nothing stays the same” | 04.05.2020

Glaciers retreating, increased rockfall, threatening avalanches or torrential floods: mountain guides* are clearly feeling the effects of climate change, as natural hazards are increasing. Extreme temperatures lead to more frequent rain phases in winter, which has a strong influence on the snow cover and ice conditions. Equipment breaks out quickly, crampons hold less well. Mountain guides* are therefore increasingly taking climatic changes into account in their planning, in order to enable people to have a pleasant and safe experience on the mountain.

The fantastic profession of ski and mountain guide is strongly threatened by climate change…

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Webisode #2: “Learning to lead” | 01.04.2020

Our second webisode from the ‘Becoming a Guide’ series looks at how mountain guides learn to manage risk and why it’s so important to assess all possible outcomes. We see how Bianca and Finn are managing the various stages of their training and ask what it is that makes a guide well suited to leading their guests in a safe and enjoyable way through the mountains.

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Webisode #1: “It´s not a man’s world” | 08.03.2020

Our first webisode launched to coincide with International Women’s Day, focuses on women in the career of mountain guiding. Are women prejudiced in mountain sports? What obstacles does Bianca have to contend with on her journey to becoming a guide? And what were the experiences of  Germany’s first ever female mountain guide, Gudrun Weikert?

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If you would like to turn your passion for the mountains into a profession, Deuter is giving away three scholarships (course fees worth €1,000 each) to cover the extremely challenging entrance exams, plus a new Deuter Guide Lite pack (1st-3rd place). But even 4th-6th place won’t go empty-handed and you could win one of the new Guide Lite backpacks, a Washbag Tour II or a First Aid kit. At a glance:

  • 1st to 3rd receives one scholarship (course fees worth €1,000 each) for the 2021 entrance examination of the German Mountain Guide Training Association, one Guide Lite 22 SL/24 each and additionally one Guide Lite 28 SL/30 each
  • 4th to 5th receives each one Guide Lite 22 SL or 24
  • 6th receives one first aid kit and one Washbag Tour II

To qualify for the competition, you must comply with the course entry criteria, as set out by the VDBS for the 2021 entrance exams. Follow this link for full details on VDBS admissions regulations or download an application form to train as a mountain guide here. You must have a good grasp of German in order to apply.

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Bianca Schöferle

In winter, I spend most of my time
on touring skis. I love the fact it combines
fitness training with a great ride. And in
the summer months, I enjoy alpine climbing.
I always end up in such amazing situations”

BIANCA SCHÖFERLE studied mechanical engineering, works at Bosch and is an aspirant mountain guide. On weekends she is an active member of the mountain rescue service.

Finn Koch

“I like to keep it varied and exciting –
climbing, mountaineering, trail running –
otherwise I get bored. I want to train as
a mountain and ski guide, to help other people
also have amazing experiences in the
mountains, in safety.”

FINN KOCH is an apprentice carpenter and an aspirant mountain guide. He recently climbed the Eiger North Face in a single push.

Alexander Hick – Regisseur

ALEXANDER HICK is a filmmaker and mountain guide from Bavaria, Germany. He studied fine art and documentary filmmaking in Germany and in Mexico. Living out of a backpack, he has worked all over the world, alternately as a cameraman, director and writer. Alexander’s most recent feature documentary was on the struggle for survival of the isolated Arhuaco people in the remote mountains of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada. It was shown at some of the biggest film festivals and awarded the German Human Rights Film Award. He has shot expedition films in Greenland, the Rocky Mountains and Siberia. His favourite climbing areas are Yosemite and la Pedriza, Spain, Europe’s biggest granite range.

Guide Lite 30+


If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable pack, with an uncluttered exterior, then look no further. The Guide Lite 28+ SL and Guide Lite 30+ feature our new Lite alpine back system for a snug, solid fit on the back. The new style shoulder straps flex and bend with your every move, so you won’t be thrown off balance even through the trickiest sections of a climb or scramble. A new integrated helmet holder keeps your helmet securely fixed onto the outside of the pack. The hip fins can be detached to save even more weight or for more leisurely days on the hill.



  • Mountaineering
  • Expedition
  • Ski touring


Guide Lite 22 SL


It’s true: less really is more. The new, unfussy Guide Lite is a pared-down, lightweight mountain companion. The main compartment has a simple draw cord closure for easy access with just one hand. A removable rain cover, that doubles up as a helmet holder, provides the protection needed when the weather turns. This latest incarnation of our popular pack has a detachable, stowable climbing rope strap at the top of the pack, for quick and easy rope management. And for the weight-conscious athlete, the hip belt can be detached to save a few extra grams on a day trip into the hills. Mini fins at the base of the shoulder straps prevent load wobble while climbing and keep the pack snug against the body — leaving you free to give the mountain your full attention.



  • Mountaineering
  • Expedition
  • Ski touring




Our long-standing partnership with the VDBS means that our products are put through their paces on average 200 days a year by fully qualified mountain guides. This equates to 8-10 years of regular use, in just 12 months.. Working so closely with the experienced professionals at VDBS sets the foundations for new innovations at Deuter.


  • Full-length BECOMING A GUIDE film
  • Q&A with one of the protagonists or director Alexander Hick
  • Product raffle to finish the evening off

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